TheraVie Wellness is counseling, coaching, and consulting services focusing on Life-Satisfaction and Well-Being (i.e., Work-Life Balance). 

  • Would you like to be more successful in your professional life?

  • Would you like to lead a more balanced and healthier life?

  • Would you like to experience less stress to prevent burnout and increase energy to live more actively in life?

  • Would you and your life partner like to show up in more positive ways to lead a healthier partnership in life?

  • Would you like to be a more mindful “scream-free” parent in life?

  • Would you like to raise more conscientious, compassionate, academically-successful children with high emotional intelligence through positive discipline strategies?

  • Would you like skills/tools to increase positivity and overall lead a more meaningful life?  (i.e. happier life)

About TheraVie Wellness

  • Integrative & Holistic Interventions

  • Collaborative & Person-Centered 

  • Goal-Oriented & Solution-Focused

  • Somatic & Body-Oriented Approaches

  • Transpersonal & Mindfulness-Based

  • Welcomes any type of issue

      (e.g. physical, psychological, emotional, social and/or spiritual)

Dr. Rashmi Chidanand "Dr. Ras"

  • Individual Therapist/Coach  

  • Couples + Relationship Coach 

  • Parenting Coach

  • South Asian Specialist

  • Expressive Arts Specialist

  • Certified Focusing-Oriented Therapy Professional/Trainer

  • Certified Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy(FOAT®) Practitioner

Design Your WholeHearted Life Using Focusing

  • Strengthen SELF with Wholehearted Life Focusing 

  • Practice Spirituality & Mindfulness

  • Improve Leadership & Management 

  • Increase Job Performance & Productivity

  • Increase Life Satisfaction & Well-Being

Online Wellness Services

  • Counseling 

  • Coaching

  • Consulting

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