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About TheraVie Wellness


TheraVie Wellness


Dr. Rashmi’s integrative, person-centered approach along with her transpersonal psychology  background interwoven into her clinical education/training welcomes anything -- physical, psychological, emotional, social and/or spiritual issue-- that moves a person to seek therapy.


  • She is honored to work with you and be your supportive compass on your journey to happiness and holistic healing (i.e. mind-body-spirit balance) to attain optimal empowerment in your life.


Even though qualified to diagnose and treat mental disorders, Dr. Rashmi’s philosophy is that you define who you are and not by any diagnosis one is labeled.  

  • She believes that successful therapy is the collaborative therapeutic relationship between the therapist and patient/client serving as the foundational infrastructure for any therapeutic change that happens in session or course of treatment.


Dr. Rashmi’s main interests (utmost importance) are the welfare and well-being of both her current clients as well as her potential patients.  


  • Therefore, if Dr. Rashmi determines services with a more specialized therapist is a better fit for a person, she will provide you with the necessary resources and referrals to ensure your needs and interests are met.

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