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Spiritual Practitioners

Are you an Spiritual Practioner such as....

  • yoga instructor

  • meditation or contemplative practitioner

  • acupuncturist 

  • holistic/integrative healer

  • chinese medicine practitioner 

  • Ayurvedic practitioner

  • body healer (e.g. massage therapist)

  • energy healer (e.g. reiki healer)

....who is seeking support: 

  • to increase motivation to attain your goals?

  • to turn your dreams into a reality?

  • to achieve optimal success at work?

  • to find your voice and be heard?

  • to uncover your Authentic Self and to learn how to embrace it with love and compassion?  

  • to gain strategic tools to improve life satisfaction?

  • to find a place to vent to de-stress? 

  • to try to figure out how to balance work, family, and life stressors so you don't feel constantly exhausted or like a failure?

If you said Yes to any of these Qs, you have come to the right place to discover the tools, skills, and/or techniques customized to utilize your spiritual practices as therapeutic tools for empowerment and well-being.

  • Research-based approaches for stress, anxiety, and depression 

  • Skills to improve quality of life and to lead healthier relationships with life partners 

  • Well-being tools to maintain work-home balance and to prevent professional burn out 

  • Improve your acumen of emotional agility for personal growth and professional success

  • Uncover your true potentials through coaching and/or deeper self-growth processes through psychotherapy to really shine inside-out

  • Integration of expressive arts therapy and mindfulness practices with traditional therapeutic interventions 

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